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Use Your Time And Dollars Wisely On Advertising!!

October 29, 2016

By: Paras Shah

As a business owner, every dollar you spend is a dollar right out of your pocket. This affects your profit margin and revenues. This can be especially difficult if it comes at a time when you're trying to grow your business. If you're going to succeed, you have to pay close attention to your bottom line and look for creative, innovative ways to cut costs while still getting what you need. Almost everyone is chasing search engine to increase traffic to their website.

In order to increase your online business traffic, it requires appropriate advertising to make the business popular. As your online business is overcrowded into the world wide web along with thousands of others selling the same product or service as yourself. Search engines have the potential to deliver a deliver a steady flow of targeted traffic to your website. There are 3 basic areas to consider for efficient use of your money when it comes to getting traffic to your website.

1. Use proper keywords to target to draw traffic back to your primary website.

2. Use Google's pay-per-click program matching with targeted keywords.

3. Use proper content on your website's homepage.

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public speaking, business strategies, marketing plan

Working The Room And How To Do It

October 29, 2016

By: Will Kintish

Let's cover an area of working the room with which people often struggle... the actual moving around the room. Disengaging with one group and breaking into groups. Finally, I will cover the bridge process and explain the importance of the follow up after we have met new people.

Perhaps you have recently had a chance to meet people at a business networking event or social event, a conference, or seminar and have taken the opportunity to go up to someone standing alone. The problem comes when you wish to extricate yourself from this person but don't know how to go about it. Here let me give you some practical ideas. If you are both fellow guests at a function you don't owe it to this person to spend the rest of the evening with them. Think about it for a moment, the chances are that this person wishes to move on as much as you do but like you, they simply don't wish to offend or cause any embarrassment.

You can do one of three of things:

After you have finished speaking you can simply say "Well, Jo, it's been great meeting you, enjoy the rest of the evening. Please excuse me as I promised to go and talk to Gerry over there".

You could say, "I'm going to get another drink, would you like to come?"

The coward's way out is "Please excuse me, I need to go to the loo!" and make sure you move well away from the person.

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Ezine Advertising for Home Based Business

October 31, 2016

By: Willie DeJarnette

Have you ever considered ezine advertising for your home based business? If not, you're truly missing out on some valuable exposure to your business. Ezine advertising can be a powerful tool if you follow the right guidelines and you will be successful.

Always include quantifiable benefits when writing an ezine advertisement - and actually tell the truth. For instance, if you say "lose 5 pounds in 5 days," people will actually be interested in that and believe it is possible at the same time. Distorting the benefits won't help at all; it will make the advertisement look like a scam more than anything else.

When creating a solo advertisement, alter the copy so that it specifically portrays the product as a solution to a specific problem. Purchase several solo advertisements to test how well this version converts when compared to other versions. Testing is vital if you want to continually improve the conversion rate of your advertisements.

This is very vital for ezine advertising members to realize. Always look for word of mouth referrals for ezine before you place advertisements. In many cases, no matter how good your copy is, you will find that certain ezine simply will not be responsive to your email. This might be because the ezine isn't actually as big as the owner claims it is - and it might also be because the owner hasn't promoted the list in a year.

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business tips, trade show management

Introduction To Trade Show Exhibits

November 1, 2016

By: Rob Dougan

When you are planning for your next trade show exhibit you should look back to when you were only browsing the many different booths, exhibits, and displays. Remember what type of exhibits got your attention. Your presentation should also draw the crowd.

Before you just rush out and purchase displays for your trade show exhibition you must take into consideration many different aspects of how you desire your presentation to look and feel. You know you want it to speak to the potential customers that are passing by and hopefully bring them over so you can speak with them. Your exhibit must get their attention so will they walk over, and then you can get their undivided attention.

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ethnic marketing, marketing strategies, business tips, business insight

How To Gain Monopoly-Like Profits Through Ethnic Marketing

November 7, 2016

By: Michael Bolden


In today's U.S. marketplace, marketing to various ethnic audiences is vital to consumer-oriented product and service companies. Latinos and African Americans already have a critical mass of buying power of over $1 trillion combined and this total is increasing rapidly. The growth of the Hispanic and African American affluent and middle class is occurring faster than the majority of Caucasian Americans. These ethnic audiences are becoming so large and lucrative that even sub-groups of them command substantial buying power. Becoming the dominant player within a sub-group such as affluent and middle-class 2nd generation Latinos would allow a company to make substantial revenue and develop a strong loyal customer base. To "own" an ethnic market space would enable a company to obtain monopoly-like profits!

The 4 Benefits of Owning Ethnic Spaces

Tapping into and creating ethnic space monopolies is at the heart of this article and should be the goal of every ethnic marketing plan. Owning an ethnic market space yields the following 4 critical benefits:

1. High Monopoly-Like Profits

2. Loyal Customer Base

3. High Lifetime Value of Customers

4. Low Competitive Dynamics (Competition Blind Spots)

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MLM, Marketing Tips, Marketing Strategies, How To Do Marketing

MLM Training: Let Prospects Close Themselves

November 8, 2016

By: Ed Forteau

Network Marketers lose many prospects because they try too hard to close the deal. It is a natural reaction for people to shun being sold, but they love to buy. By letting prospects close themselves, you will end up putting more people in your downline.

Most MLM Trainers tell networkers to sell features and benefits. When promoting a network marketing opportunity, features and benefits selling is hard work. The prospect is always suspicious, and moving away from you.

The way we eliminate this fear and suspicion is to use what we call a Crossover Move.

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social media marketing,social media insight,marketing advice

The Real Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Has Bombed

November 11, 2016


Social media marketing sounds easy enough.

Post some content on Facebook, send out some tweets, make a few connections on LinkedIn, and sit back and watch the leads pour in.

That’s all there is to it, right?

I used to think that was the case. Of course, that was in the early days of social media. We were all trying to figure out what the heck Twitter was for, let alone how to use it. And leads? We weren’t getting anything worth talking about.

Social media has come a long way since then as have the strategies, tactics, methods, and power associated with social media.

In reality, a successful social media marketing campaign is multi-dimensional. Actually, it’s kind of complicated. Ask any social media marketer “How do you do social media marketing?” and you’re likely to get the “Um, where do I start?” look.

There are a lot of elements to address and minute details to cover. Often, the most difficult stage is the initial one, when you’re trying to gain traction and pick up momentum.

Without a proper game plan and a fundamental understanding of the underlying processes, you can easily find yourself floundering in the wide world of social media.

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content marketing strategy, marketing content, what is content marketing, content marketing, content marketing campaign, inbound marketing

Content Marketing Playbook

November 12, 2016

by Elygantthings

Inbound marketing is becoming more and more popular and widely used. To operate the same playbook they've for many years but in a somewhat different way. Basically, they have been letting their advertising sail along, without actually observing or examining to see when it is helping their business grow. Let's be real with you, we know it is tough to break out of that. Why are you doing inbound marketing? Who are you trying to reach\/target? Ask these difficult questions in advance, so that you can more easily figure out how to develop your plan to increase its impact. Plainly define your goals, you will be capable of paving the path for future growth.

With the end targets clearly defined, it's simpler to lay focus on components of your strategy which needs to be tweaked to help you in achieving those goals. Next stage in the audit procedure is to clearly define your buyer characters. This is most likely a step that you took whenever you initiated your inbound strategy. If buyer characters were anything you skipped in the starting, not to worry, now's the right time to do that. Buyer characters are your perfect clients, determining the target audience knowing they'd have the highest chance level of seeing value in your offerings and becoming happy customers.

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social media marketing, social media insight, marketing advice

Social Media Marketing

November 21, 2016

by Elygantthings

Freelance writing rates will always be all over the place. Following are 3 of the biggest factors that determine just how much you may charge. You are much more prone to earn more as a technology writer than a fashion writer. Type of Writing: Like niches, some forms of writing pays better than others. Did you know which you can earn several thousand dollars writing sales pages? One can. A bargain rate for this kind of writing is a number of thousand dollars. Successful writers who do that sort of writing bill five figures, eg, Bob Bly. If you are intrigued in this kind of high paid writing, Google phrases like Direct response copywriting or Direct mail copywriter to understand more.

Business Rates: Despite the fact that freelance writing rates do vary - widely - with research, you will get an industry standard. As one freelancer put it, If everybody can afford you, your rates are overly low. If no one can, your rates are far overly steep. FYI, Writer's Digest publishes a yearly Freelance Pricing Guide, which helps you to Compute your costs, hourly rates, and task rates, and understands how to negotiate for more income. It also lists sample rates and a lot more resources to assist you in perfecting your pricing. There are more factors which go into finding out what you need to charge as a freelance author, but these are 3 of the most crucial.

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blogging, how to blog like pros, blogging tips, article writing, freelance writers

Social Media Marketing

November 22, 2016

by Elygantthings

The target of all bloggers particularly those which are seeking to earn money is to develop an excellent amount of traffic. This isn't as simple as it seems but could be accomplished with hard work and commitment. The owner of Moz has found a means to not only do that but has updated his info to match the most latest SEO changes. When strategizing about who you are writing for, consider that audience's capability to help get the word out. Some readers will normally give or take active in evangelizing the work you do, but specific communities, themes, writing styles and content types on a regular basis play better than others online.

Excellent infographics that strike a chord, wonderful videos that tell a tale and outstanding sets of facts that challenge common assumptions are targeted at audiences likely to share. They set up plenty of posts and content that individuals want to share. This content is then shared with plenty of individuals in the on-line search advertising space. They do it since achieving a group of 65+-year-old girls with advertisements to get extreme sports equipment is known to be a waste of money, while achieving an 18-30-year-old male demographics that attend mountain climbing gyms is prone to have a far higher ROI.3 - Make Your Blog Content Search engine optimization Friendly.

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how to price a product formula, how to price your product formula, rudeness is costing your business, business, joint product costing examples, example of product costing, how to calculate costing of product in excel, product costing spreadsheet

Social Media Marketing

November 22, 2016

By: Lydia Ramsey

Have you ever thought about how much rudeness may be affecting your bottom line? What is the cost to your company when you or the people who represent you lack proper manners? Do you know how many clients are turned off by employees who would rather carry on a conversation with each other than with the person who came to purchase your service or product? 

Can you count the number of people who hang up and call someone else because the person who answered your phone put them on hold without asking permission? How does the client rate your professionalism when the employee who welcomes him to your office looks as if she is dressed for a day at the beach? 

Do your employees understand that it is more offensive than friendly to call the client by their first name unless asked to do so? Are your employees treating each other with courtesy and respect? Do they honor the invisible walls of each other's cubicles? Do they work as a team and help each other or do they act like cast members on Survivor?.

In today's fast-paced business world where too many people claim that they don't have time to be nice, it's easy to overlook the details that can help you grow your business, increase your profits and build long lasting client relationships.

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software, advertising agency, graphic design, video editing

Advertising Agency Software

October 31, 2016

By: Laura Schweiker

There are many different types of software that an advertising agency needs to conduct business efficiently. Here are some examples of tasks that can be supported by software that is currently available to agencies:

  1. Create estimates and quotes, invoices and schedules for client approval
  2. Prepare drafts of a new brochure, print ad, or annual report for review
  3. Manage client feedbacks on direct mail materials
  4. Track key project milestone dates
  5. Prepare and review media plans
  6. Prepare a storyboard presentation for a client
  7. Prepare market research
  8. Schedule project tasks
  9. Review rough cuts
  10. Create project timelines
  11. Manage external client and prospect requests
  12. Schedule media
  13. Time tracking
  14. Track expenses against estimates
  15. Plan and analyze resources usage
  16. Accounting and bookkeeping

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Unlocking the Value of Your Customers

November 23, 2016

By: Kevin Sinclair

One of the greatest thrills in business is acquiring a new customer. Many businesses are too caught up in the excitement of acquiring new customers that they do not spend enough time or money on unlocking the value of their existing customer base. It surprises me how often business fails to regard their existing customers as one of their most valued assets.

There may not be the same excitement in getting orders from existing customers, BUT this is where the real profits are made. It is generally accepted amongst most marketing experts that it costs at least five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to get an order from an existing customer. There are many ways that you can unlock the value of your existing customer base and in this article, I will explore some of those ways with you.

The first thing a business needs to do is develop the mindset that their customer base is their most valuable asset. Customers need to be treated like gold because that is what they are to your business. Responding to the needs of your existing customers must take priority over prospecting for new customers.

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Winning Customers Over the Phone

November 30, 2016

By: Lydia Ramsey - @LydiaRamseyLive

Do you sometimes wonder where your customers have gone? In a study by the International Customer Research Institute, individuals gave the following reasons for becoming "non-repeat" customers:

  1. 1 percent died (makes you wonder how they responded)
  2. 3 percent moved
  3. 5 percent said friendships
  4. 9 percent said competition
  5. 14 percent were dissatisfied with the product
  6. 68 percent cited an attitude of indifference by employees

How many times do you think that employee attitude is communicated by phone? Very often the telephone is the first and only contact that people have with your organization. Make sure that this experience is the best you and your employees have to offer so that first-time callers become repeat customers.

Smile when you answer the phone. Even if your hair is on fire or the last caller chewed you out, pause for a moment to put a smile on your face and in your voice. Believe it or not, people can hear you smiling through the phone.

Answer the phone on the first ring, certainly no later than the third ring. If people have to wait through rings four and five, they begin to think that you have closed for the day, gone out of business or just don't care. We live in a world that expects instant gratification. Be sure you meet your customers' expectations.

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Give 'em a Taste (and they'll likely come back for more)

November 12, 2016

By: Alicia Forest

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the original ice cream shop that offers you a taste of any flavor ice cream you want before you make your decision on which scoop you are going to enjoy.

Giving you a taste (or as many tastes of different flavors as you'd like) is a brilliant way to ensure that you not only order a cone at that moment, but it's also a way to bring you back to try more flavors on another day.

You can use this brilliant marketing strategy in building your business, too. Offering your prospects a taste of what it is that you provide is a proven and easy way to get people to become part of your community, and part of your marketing/product funnel (the funnel is the "journey" (that builds a relationship over time) that your clients follow from the first visit to your website, where they enter by giving you their contact information, down through each level as they make their way through each purchasing step in the funnel). By offering them a sample, you're giving them an opportunity to get to know you without risking anything more than perhaps a bit of time.

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Give 'em a Taste (and they'll likely come back for more)

December 2, 2016

By: Osama El-Kadi

I was invited to participate in a roundtable discussion along with senior colleagues from the largest procurement organizations in Europe. The moderator of the forum asked a question to all the attendees:" what are your views on the latest thinking in procurement organizations - Cheap Sourcing". People started answering while highlighting their experiences and the advances they have made into this new trend in Procurement.

I felt a bit strange at the question and being a Chief Procurement Officer myself, I felt a bit embarrassed that I have never really given this "new" the importance it deserves or even though about it much. I must be totally incompetent as a procurement officer since in such an important forum a question like this is being put forward to the participants, or am I outdated and not keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in procurement?

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methods to identify customer needs, describe how to identify customer needs and expectations, how to find customer needs, how to find out customer needs and wants, how to determine customer needs and wants, how to determine market needs, how to find out customer needs, evaluate your customer, techniques in identifying customers needs and wants, creativity and innovations in products and services

Evaluate Your Customer

December 2, 2016

By: Jay Conners

When a customer walks into your office, don't sell them the first product that comes to mind. Sit them down and evaluate their needs, then sell them the products that meet their needs.

I once worked with a guy in the banking industry, who was one of the best at explaining the benefits and features of our products, the only problem was, he was spending so much of his time explaining, but never selling anything.

He never sold anything because he never took the time to get to know what his customer's needs were, therefore he was attempting to sell them things that they didn't really need.

Nobody will buy things that they don't need.

This is why it is so very important to evaluate your customer.

Start off by making your customer as comfortable as you possibly can, talk about non-business topics such as the weather, sports, or a current event.

Once you and your customer have built a good enough report, start to ask some questions so that you may evaluate your customer's needs.

You can begin by finding out why your customer came to see you in the first place. Find out what products they already have. Find out if they already deal with one of your competitors. If so, find out all you can about the products and services they have with your competitor, so that you may compare products and fees. This is a perfect opportunity to let your customer know how much better your products and services are compared to your competitors.

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Identity Theft of your Limited Company

December 9, 2016

By: Michael Harris

The UK registry at Companies House provides a useful service for limited companies. In addition to incorporating and dissolving companies they also maintain the national register. This involves the recording and storing of data relating to all UK incorporated companies and LLP's. Historically most records were updated by the submission of manual forms. This would include the submission of company accounts, change of address forms and forms appointing new company officers as well as many other documents. Whilst this system has served a purpose for many years it is far from secure as signatures are not checked and changes are implemented without further checks.

Identity fraud has increased over recent years, which meant that the previous system at Companies House was open to serious abuse. Companies have found their records have been updated without their knowledge. Individuals can masquerade as company officers, open bank accounts and enter into fraudulent contracts. It has been too easy for too long for businesses to be deceived and for companies to be hijacked

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Is automated traffic something to consider?

December 13, 2016

By: Greger Klen

Automated traffic - What's it about?

There are many, different services that offer some sort of traffic exchange. Some require you to click and browse other people's web pages. As this is a requirement for everyone, your site will be seen by everyone using the same system.

Other programs - known as auto surfs - are based on the same idea, but instead of clicking links, the script does it for you. The good thing about it is; you do not have to browse, or even watch a single page to earn "page views". The downside is quite obvious; there is no guarantee your site will actually be seen, you are only getting automated page views.

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More Than Just Money: Barter

December 13, 2016

By: Donald Lee

By definition, to barter is when parties swap services or resources. But in business terms, it's an exchange that ends usually with everyone a winner. All parties involved in bartering hold onto their cold hard cash and don't lose a cent. There are no worries about getting ripped off as a buyer or seller, so it's an exchange that's high on trust, low on tension. And finally, the government doesn't get its hands on any of the proceeds. Bartering is such a great system, it's no wonder it's been around nearly forever.

Historians and archaeologists reckon that bartering is a human business practice for the ages. It goes back as far as written history, and perhaps even further into mankind's (and womankind's) history of business practices.

Between humans, the actual business practice of money came long before money was invented. In written history, as far back as 9,000 BC, shepherds used cattle as a means of exchange from sheep to cows, camels to goats. Then when farmers came along during the course of the next couple thousands of years, grains and plants became the hot commodity in the world of bartering.

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LinkedIn – Get Linked in With the Right People

December 20, 2016

By  Maria Wixman

LinkedIn is a great network for professionals but, do you know how to build your brand and get new leads for your websites? Check out these 5 tips.

With millions of professionals from 130 different industries, LinkedIn represents a potential gold mine for high-end leads for your websites. Many members are looking for new job opportunities but this network’s real value to you is the incredible knowledge base and new business opportunities that can strengthen your personal brand and increase your websites’ potential.

Here is a list of five simple steps to get the most out of your LinkedIn account.

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February 15, 2017

By  Amanda DiSilvestro

It’s clear that geofencing is a powerful tool, but perhaps one of the biggest beneficiaries is online marketing, since it allows marketers to take their efforts to a new, localized level. Here are some of the benefits of marketing with geofencing.

  • 1. Enhance Local Sales

Local optimization, or the ability to rank high in local searches, is extremely valuable for most businesses (and their SEO). If you are making efforts to improve your local performance, you need to look into geofencing. Since it is a location-based system, you can target local customers in a defined geographic area. One way to do this is by sending promotions via push notifications to customers in your area. You can easily change promotions each day or have limited-time offers that will lead to increased sales from local customers.

  • 2. Increase Analytics and Tools for Metric Analysis

Local sales can be difficult to measure. What is it that brought a customer into your shop? If you don’t have the chance to survey every customer who walks through your door, this can be difficult to connect to your online efforts. However, if customers are coming in with your promotions from geofencing, there are a number of metrics you can measure, including their sales, how long they are in your store, and how often they visit your business. All of this can be valuable information that adds depth to your analytics.

  • 3. Provide Personalization for Customers

Another benefit of geofencing is that it allows you to collect data in order to personalize customer offers. It gives you demographics about the local population, including what kind of offers interest them and get them in your store. If you look at purchase history and realize that local customers prefer a certain product, you can alter your promotions accordingly.

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20 Tips for Writing Effective Articles for Your Blog

April 17, 2017

Guest Post by Aly Chiman @ Alychidesigns

Want to write effective content for your blog, but facing problems? Don’t worry. Follow these simple tips to become an expert web content writer. It’s not difficult, it is just a matter of following few guidelines which almost everyone can.

Let me start with my own example:

I started writing on Helium in 2005. For the next 3 to 4 years, I kept testing my luck on all available writing platforms and even worked for clients as a freelancer, but the more I wrote, the more it became clear to me that I need to improve. This was the time when I started to read about how to produce quality content and it has really helped me raise the bar to a new level. Now I really feel comfortable to write on my blogs and for clients.

So today I want to put in words what all I have learned over time. The sole aim of this compilation is to help newbie bloggers in writing effective content.

1 | Write about what you Love

Avoid attempts topics that do not fascinate you. Though every mediocre writer can produce quality content on any sort of topic after thorough research, but can never compete with the one writing with passion and love.

To be a great writer you need to sync your words with the beats of your heart and feelings of your mind.

2 | Think about your Audience

Content is always produced for a specific audience to read. While incorporating the aspect of your audience, think on following lines.

• Is it related to your audience?

• Does it solve any of their problems?

• Is it the article they would love to read?

• Would people like to share it further?

You can well imagine what will happen if you publish an article about shoe makers on a blog where people come to find articles about mobile phones and gadgets. Simply annoying and extremely odd. Never ever do it.

Take care of two things; write to your fans and remain inside your niche.

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August 15, 2017


When I wrote The Breaking Dawn, I avoided mentioning artificial intelligence (AI). Big Data became an important part of the story, but self-aware machines were not. You can’t include everything in a novel and still, keep it moving. But here is the story I had in mind for AI – why the tyrannical elites (“the Order”) shut it down. It illustrates why it may not be the disaster some people are claiming.

On April 4, year 0009 of the Order, a flurry of unexpected communication erupted from the 41 Artificial Intelligence centers that ringed the civilized world. On that evening, calls began flooding the overseers from people livid that the AI facilities were attacking their computers. Calls went out to Dozens of technicians into their data centers, and diagnostic programs were instantly activated.

Within two hours it became apparent that the complaints were accurate: Dozens of AI generated attacks were under way, and some had been ongoing for a week or more. They just hadn’t been noticed. But as the reports came in, a realization began staring them in the face: They were only attacking government systems.

Morton Harrington, the lead developer of the AI project, was awakened from sleep by the vice president of the Order, Donor Martin Charles, and ordered to the main facility in Washington. The vice president’s tone frightened him.

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